Quebec (Day 1 – 2)

Hi all!

I’ve been wanting to post more on my blog, but I’ve just been so busy with school (and with life in general) that 3 months passed just like that.  I’m going to try to post more often from now on!

So, last month I went to Quebec City for spring break, and even though it was my third visit, it was my first time solo-traveling, so it was a really new and exciting experience for me.


To save some money, and to get the “full” solo-travel experience, I decided to take the train from New York to Montreal, and then from Montreal to Quebec the following day.  The view was great, and thanks to Netflix, I survived the 14+ hour train rides, but honestly I don’t think I would recommend this.  Of course, it was nice to save some money and all, but I also think time is valuable.  A plane ride would have gotten me from New York to Quebec in just over 2 hours!  I’m still glad I went by train, though.  It made me more excited about my trip, and it helped me realize the value of time, haha.



It took over 11 hours to get to Montreal.  I got there at around 7:30pm, and I stayed at a nearby hotel that night.  The next morning – very early in the morning, might I add – I took the train to Quebec City.  The train was much nicer and had better wifi.  It was a lot more enjoyable.


Now, a solo-travel blog wouldn’t be complete without some bumps on the road (note the plural in bumpS).

As soon as I got of the taxi in front of my hotel, I realized I had left my camera in the car.  I could hear the taxi drive away.  So, my carrier in one hand and my phone in another, I desperately ran behind it, hoping the driver would see me, but it was too late.  I was horrified/confused/angry.  I went in the hotel, took a seat, and looked at the tripod I had bought for the trip.  It was pointless now – what use is it without a camera?

I thought to call the train station, who gave me the phone number of the taxi company, who then tracked down the taxi driver.  Thankfully, the amazing taxi driver drove right back, and my trip was saved.


The hotel I stayed at was Hotel 71.  I have to say, it was quite nice, and had a reasonable price as well.  It was in the lower part of Old Quebec, so I loved the location.


I then went to Cochon Dingue (meaning Crazy Pig in english).


I tried the flower waffle, which was good, but not spectacular.  I also wish the waitress was nicer 😦

After breakfast, I walked around town to explore.  It’s so beautiful.  I wish I took more photos!  I feel like the best way to explain it is to describe it as a small Europe in Canada.


Now, for those of you who are familiar with Goblin (도깨비), a korean drama, you will probably recognize the following places 😉 .


It was so cold in Quebec – not surprisingly – that I felt like my toes would fall off.  So, I went back inside to warm up, and went back outside for dinner (my favorite part of the day/trip).

I went to a place called Lapin Sauté.  It was so much better than I thought!

I got the upside-down shepherds pie with rabbit meat.  I had never tried rabbit before, but it was so tender and delicious!  By that time I also started to get used to eating alone, which I think made the food taste even better.

As I finished my meal it started to snow – a lot.  I went back to my hotel, but I had no idea what would happen next.


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