Look Up.

More often than not, I almost forget that I live in one of the biggest cities in the world.  When I walk in the streets I focus on my destination and only look forward.  So, it’s only when I look up and see the Empire State building in the distance that I realize I’m living in New York City.

So lately, especially after my trip to Quebec, I’ve been wanting to get around more rather than staying in my dorm.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love cozy Friday nights indoors watching Netflix or Youtube or what not, but I also love spontaneous trips around the city.   

A couple of weeks ago, an important midterm was coming up, but my body was itching to get out.  So, I did.  I grabbed my wallet and my phone, and just started walking.  (It also gave me an excuse to take a break from studying.)


I was headed towards SoHo, but rather than walking through Broadway (which I usually do), I decided to take other streets.  Broadway is great, with all the stores and pretty buildings, but it was nice to walk somewhere that isn’t as crowded.  I absolutely love listening to music, so I put my earphones in and tried to take it all in.



Somehow I ended up in Little Italy, and when I looked at the time, I realized I’d been walking for 30 minutes already.


I’m really working on taking more spontaneous trips like this.  It helps me learn to enjoy every step of the journey (literally).


**So today, I felt so free after my biology midterm.  I went to the gym and decided to cook myself some chicken and broccoli.  Unfortunately, I realized my cooking skills need improving – it was so salty.  (I still don’t know where I went wrong)  I’m going to have to practice some more, and I’ll be sure to update you with the results 😛 **


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